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TypeDescriptionDocket #
EnergyAll Utilities - I/M/O of the Board of Public Utilities' Response to COVID -19 Pandemic AO20060471-
Clean EnergyI/M/O of the Implementation of L.2018, C.17 Regarding the Establishment of Energy Efficiency and Peak Demand Reduction Programs. Related Dockets: GO20090618 (SJG);GO20090619 (ETG);EO20090620 (JCP&L);EO20090621 (ACE);GO20090622 (NJNG);EO20090623 (RECO). GO20090618-
EnergyThe Implementation of L. 2018, c. 16 Regarding the Establishment of a Zero Emission Certificate Program for Eligible Nuclear Power Plants. Related Dockets: ER20080557 (Salem 1); ER20080558 (Salem 2); ER20080559 (Hope Creek). ER20080557-
EnergyI/M/O of the Petition of Rockland Electric Company for Approval of an Advanced Metering Program; and for Other Relief. Related Dockets: EO18101115 (PSE&G CEF-EE); EO20080541 (ACE AMI); EO20080545 (JCP&L AMI) EO18101115-
Clean EnergyI/M/O of the Community Solar Energy Pilot Program Year 2 Application Form and Process. QO20080556-
Clean EnergyI/M/O of the Opening of Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Certificate (OREC) Application Window for 1,200 to 2,00 Megawatts of Offshore Wind Capacity in Furtherance of Executive Order NO. 8 and Executive Order No. 92. QO20080555-
Office of Federal and Regional PolicyInvestigation of Resource Adequacy Alternatives. EO20030203-
Clean EnergySolar Transition Incentive Program Pursuant to P.L. 2018, C.17 QO20020184-
Clean EnergyStraw Proposal on Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Build Out QO20050357-
EnergyI/M/O of the Exploration of Gas Capacity and Related Issues. GO19070846-

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